To send one or more faxes, no one will buy a fax machine specifically for this.

Objectively, it is worth recognizing that the time of the classic fax is coming to an end. Now, in the vast majority of cases, if faxes are sent, they use virtual methods and the Internet for this. Although in some situations IP-telephony and telephone lines are used. But even in this case, the telephone line is connected to a computer.

But the easiest and most affordable method is the use of special Internet services.

How to work with Internet services

If you do not want to deal with complex settings of special equipment or install software, then you can use Internet services to send a fax .

In today's world Sending A Fax From Computer via popular online services is a simple, affordable and convenient solution. Although they have a different interface and set of built-in functions, the principle of working with them is always about the same.

To send a fax, you need to do the following:

  • open a browser to access the Internet through a laptop, computer or smartphone;
  • find an Internet service for sending faxes that suits you;
  • register, that is, create your account on the site;
  • pass authorization to enter your account ;
  • select the option to send a fax;
  • download the required file.

Further, the Internet service itself will send the file you have chosen to the recipient's fax through its server.

What is important to consider

of Internet services that allow you to send faxes. But keep in mind that not all of these services are right for you.

Before going through the registration procedure and creating your account there , be sure to familiarize yourself with the offered features and conditions.

There is such a problem with many Internet services as a list of available countries. You may not be able to send faxes to all countries.

Also consider the types of files that Internet services work with . In some cases, you can only send images. That is, they work with JPEG, JPG formats. Other services have a much larger list of supported file types. The choice is yours.

It must be objectively recognized that sending faxes via the Internet using special services is very convenient, simple and affordable. But with them you need to be careful and careful. Especially if you are sending sensitive or very valuable information.